A Note from Paul - January 2019



Angie and I pray that your holiday season has been and remains in reflection of the faithfulness found in Jesus our Lord who walks with us every moment of every day. If we could just increase our awareness of His presence even 1% within our moments each day, I am certain the Kingdom of God would be edified and fortified for His glory!  My passion for this year is to intentionally invite the Holy Spirit into significantly more of my everyday circumstances as mundane and ordinary as they may be. I am convinced that the more I invite Him into the ordinary of my life the more I will begin to see and sense the extraordinary that His presence will prompt me to encounter. Without intentionally giving Him the invitation, we miss so much of the extraordinary. My prayer for each of you is to find more of the extraordinary through your intentional invitation for the Holy Spirit to enter into your everyday circumstances. With this I can confidently say, “It’s going to be a spectacular year!”

Your brother,


Important Announcements

Europe Together 2019

May 8–13, 2019, will be a wonderful time for our region as we gather in Croatia for Europe Together. All of you are encouraged to prioritize this important event.

Most of your expenses are covered by the monthly budget contribution called “Europe Life.” Your travel expenses to and from Croatia can be paid with (00) funds and then reported on your quarterly report. Please make sure you have a class (70) in your work account and that adequate funds are placed in this class to cover your anticipated travel expenses. If you do not have this class set up, please contact your regional accountant to ask for funds to be transferred from your (00) to this special class designated for retreat travel.

New Website

Check out our new website, europemissions.org! The website allows visitors an opportunity to respond and get involved. As a team member, you can click TEAM LOGIN at the bottom of the homepage and use the password micah6:8 to access team resources, submit announcements and prayer requests, and more.

Together 2019 (T19) - August 5-7, 2019

You have received communication from the Executive Office inviting you to Orlando for this all- AGWM event following General Council in Orlando. If you have not done so, please begin to plan for the finances needed to attend. A special class (74) can be set up in your work account to designate funds for this event. You can transfer funds in lump sums or set up a monthly transfer. Your regional accountant can help you do this.

Please take the necessary steps to plan financially for this historic time together. Note that a special Commissioning Service will conclude General Council on Sunday, August 4, at the Orlando Convention Center. T19 will take place at Calvary Orlando (Pastor Ed Garvin).



Blair & Dina Bonin’s (Belgium) daughter, Claire, married Caleb Johnson in November.




25th Anniversary International Church of Barcelona - Nov. 2

John & Brandi Carrano and Dan & Kathy Stump

Education Honors

Blair & Dina Bonin (Belgium) Their daugher, Claire, graduated with her Master’s Degree frim St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Mark & Ellen Cannon (Spain) Their son, Timothy Mark Cannon, graduated from James Madison University with a BA in Integrated Sciences in December.

Gary & Michele Gallina (Albania) Their daughter, Rachel Elena Gallina, recently won the Rhodes Scholarship and will study at Oxford University in England.

John & Shawn Alderman (Belgium) Their son, John (JB) Alderman, joined the United States Air Force in December.

 Sympathy Extended

Please continue to pray for these families who have lost a loved one.

  • Diane Zents, a retired missionary, who served in Africa (1969-1995) and in Europe (1995-2008), passed away on December 19.

  • Kent & Leslie Linneweh (Netherlands). Kent’s mother, Juanita Linneweh, passed away on December 11.

  • Judy Mensch (Netherlands). Judy’s brother-in-law, Larry Carlson, passed away on December 5.

  • Angela Allen (Netherlands) & Victoria Grosvenor (Czech Republic). Bev Ver Steeg, mother to Angela and grandmother to Victoria, who passed away in November 22.

  • Gloria Young (Austria). Gloria’s brother-in-law, Victor J. Johnson, passed away in November after battling cancer for the past 2 years.

  • Warren & Laura VanDolsen (Spain). Warren’s mom and retired missionary, Cozetta VanDolsen, passed away on November 7.


Change of Status & Transfers

  • Darrell & Diane Wood (Northwest Europe) retired on December 31.

  • Andrea & Darla Snavley transferred from Global University to CTS Belgium on November 8.