Seasons of change - September 2019


If you’re like me, change can be quite difficult. Indeed, it is seasonal, which means whether you like it or not, it’s coming!

The ancient Hebrews physically expressed their laments—or pain from life changes—by tearing their clothes and putting on sackcloth and ashes. Hebrews 5:7 says, “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission” (NIV, emphasis added).

I find solace in Jesus’s response to pain and change. He didn’t cover it up, ignore it, or spin it. Rather, He dealt honestly with all the emotions associated with loss. The reality is, without embracing change and pain, we impede our spiritual and personal growth.

My challenge for you is to consider in what ways you are tempted to cover up, ignore, or spin your loss, pain, or unwelcome change. Let’s agree together to let God challenge us to grow deeper as we embrace all He is doing in us.


Paul & Angie Trementozzi

Important Announcements


Meet Sandy! Our New MA Financial Specialist

I am a farmer’s daughter from southwest Kansas, around the Dodge City area. I moved to Springfield to attend Central Bible College and after graduation, married and started a family. I have five daughters, including a set of twins. One teenage daughter still lives at home; the other four are married or in college. I have worked at the national office since 2007, starting in Contributor Services and transferring to AGWM Financial Services in 2011 to serve as Africa regional accountant. I enjoy playing and coaching volleyball, kayaking, swimming, and really great coffee.

Europe Diaspora Initiative Consultation

Join us in Malaga, Spain on March 10–14, 2020, for sessions, sharing, and interaction on:

  • Refugees and Immigrants

  • Discipleship

  • Church Planting

  • Trauma

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Ethics

  • Ministry Resources

This event is by invitation only. If you’re interested in attending, please contact your area director.

Remember to check the full Europe regional calendar for other upcoming events!

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  • An individual can set up his or her e-mail (including Gmail or any other e-mail addresses) in a program like Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail for iOS or Android, etc., and securely receive emails from both at the same time.

  • When you decide which e-mail program you want to use, Tech Services ( can send you directions on how to set up the e-mail in your chosen program.


If your address, phone number, or additional contact info has changed, please inform Nancy Tallagsen at It’s important for us to have your most current contact info in case of an emergency.

Congratulations to our MK Scholarship Recipients

  • Stephanie Boettiger, daughter of Richard & Minna Boettiger (Germany)

  • Rebecca Buck, daughter of Edward & Kirsten Buck (France)

  • Joshua Rodriguez, son of Gil & Gladys (former Southern Area Director)


Birth Announcements

Lily Kathy Bock, daughter of Ben & Jessi Bock (Montenegro), was born August 12.

Kai Michele Snell, granddaughter of Jerry & April Foster (Belgium), was born August 8.


Marriages and Engagements

  • Ashley Rivera (MA Italy) and Anthony Vanaria (MA Italy) were married September 6.

  • Bret Leininger (MA Romania) and Daniella White (MA Romania) were married August 30.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez, son of Alvaro & Doris Rodriguez (Spain), married Marita Aguirre on August 24.

 Sympathy Extended

Please continue to pray for these families who have lost loved ones:

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s stepfather passed away September 14.

  • Steve & Dawn Robertson (Canary Islands) Steve’s mother passed away August 27.

  • David & Phyllis Porter (Nordic Initiative) Phyllis’s sister passed away August 16.

  • Joe & Mary Benecasa (Italy) Mary’s father, James Quinn, passed away August 4.

  • Alvaro & Doris Rodriguez (Spain) Alvaro’s father, Alvaro Rodriguez Sr., passed away August 4.

  • Ivy Restemayer (Spain) Ivy’s grandfather passed away July 26.

  • Ben & Jessi Bock (Montenegro) Jessi’s mother, Kathy Watts, passed away July 6.

  • Dan & Joy West (Portugal) Joy’s father, Eugene Nelson, passed away July 6.

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s grandmother, Maxie Henkes, passed away July 2.

  • Doug & Jackee Raught (Netherlands) Doug’s mother, Marion Marjorie Raught, passed away July 2.

  • Ragna Gornold-Smith (retired Spain missionary) passed away July 1.

Final Clearances and Returns to the Field


Changes of Status and Transfers

  • Josie Schmitz (MA) transferred from France to Eurasia region effective September 30.

  • David & Phyllis Porter transferred from International Ministries to Europe for assignment to the Nordic Initiative on September 1.

  • Lauren Freeman (MA) transferred from Latin America Caribbean to (Canary Islands) August 1.

  • Justin & Liz Hansen transferred from Greece to Spain August 1.

  • Makenzie Muehler (MA) transferred from Belgium to Northern Ireland on July 25.

  • Zachariah & Carrie Brinegar transferred from Northern Asia to (Austria) on July 1.



John & Gayle Butrin (Germany) retired August 31.

Thank you for your commitment to serve in Europe!