A Note from Paul - MAY 2019


As you can imagine a great deal of my thinking and prayer these days is about each of you this month as we are about to gather in Croatia for Europe Together. In my preparation and reflection, 2 Corinthians 13:11 seems appropriate to me:

“Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, and live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you” (NIV, emphasis added).

My profound hope and prayer that we will indeed accomplish this admonition from the apostle Paul in practical ways while together in Croatia. I love the word restoration as it implies coming to a place of rest or peace in relationship. May the Lord help us all to be restored to each other thus releasing His peace and rest into our lives. May the Lord help us to receive with joy the commission to encourage one another as an act of holy sacrifice unto Jesus. May the Lord help us to be of one mind and in one accord so His peace will reign in our hearts and minds for the sake of His Kingdom.

You are all amazing! See you in Croatia.

Be encouraged,


Important Announcements

Ministry to Muslims

Continental Theological Seminary will be hosting classes on “Engaging with Muslims in Europe” with Dr. Bert De Ruiter on June 10-14, 2019. To sign up or receive more information, please visit www.ctsem.edu/m2m 

Together 2019 (t19)

You have recieved communication from the Executive Office inviting you to Orlando for this all-AGWM event following General Council in Orlando. A special Commissioning Service will conclude General Council on August 4, 2019 at the Orlando Convention Center. T19, August 5-7, 2019, will take place at Calvary Orlando (Pastor Ed Garvin).

You may have noticed on the schedule for T19 that Europe is not listed on Thursday, August 8. Due to having Europe Together, General Council and T19, there will not be additional regional sessions on August 8. Enjoy the free time!

*Please note: For missionaries currently not itinerating, we ask that you please do not book any services or fundraise while you are in the States, out of respect for those who are itinerating at this time. Thanks for caring for your missionary family in a sensitive and practical way!


This invitation is for missionary women who are itinerating this year or are U.S.-based. Once again, James River Church is offering AGWM women the opportunity to be together at their annual Designed for Life Conference, October 17–19, 2019. 

Remember, this registration link is for AGWM itinerating and U.S.-based missionaries only and AD approval is required. To register, go to the following link: https://agusa.brushfire.com/agwm/451874 

To learn more about conference speakers and programs, go to www.designedforlife.org. However, do not register on the James River website; rather, use the link above.


If you or your child is graduating this Spring (or graduated in December 2018) from high school or post-high school education, the Europe office would like to honor them! Please send the following information to Nancy Tallagsen at ntallagsen@ag.org:

  • Name of Graduate

  • Name of High School/College/University

  • Photo of Graduate

  • Additional info such as honors or future plans

  • A Stateside mailing address

Security Awareness and Travel Advisories

We would like to remind you that information is available to you from the U.S. Department of State regarding security risks, including general cautions and advisories as well as specific country and city security information. You can find the latest advisories at this link from the Department of State. We encourage all personnel to be aware of these precautions at all times.


A reminder to subscribe the following contacts to your quarterly newsletters:

  • mynews@ag.org

  • agwmmobilization@ag.org

  • ntallagsen@ag.org

  • jclegg@ag.org

  • For printed copies:

    AGWM Mobilization/Gil Rodriguez

    1445 North Booneville Avenue

    Springfield, MO 65802

Non-Ministry travelers

For any guests who plan to visit you for a non-ministry related trip, please direct them to contact Marlene Mayes at mmayes@ag.org or mapsteams@ag.org.

We want to make sure your visitors are properly insured. AGWM registration is essential when visitors will be riding in a STL vehicle, visiting AG project sites, attending services with you, or staying in a AG-owned property - it’s likely at least one of those will apply!

The registration process is simple, but please remember it needs to be completed one month prior to departure. Thank you!


Birth Announcements & Adoptions

Dan & Danita Taylor (Portugal)  adopted Grace Mikaela Taylor on April 10.

Dan & Danita Taylor (Portugal) adopted Grace Mikaela Taylor on April 10.

Luke Eli Olsen was born to  Caleb & Angelina Olsen (Austria)  on April 11.

Luke Eli Olsen was born to Caleb & Angelina Olsen (Austria) on April 11.


Monica Largess (MA Austria)  married Daniel Onisor on April 18.

Monica Largess (MA Austria) married Daniel Onisor on April 18.

 Sympathy Extended

Please continue to pray for these families who have lost a loved one.

  • Jordan & Shea Campbell (MA Germany) Jordan’s grandfather passed away on April 15.

  • Austin & Shanda Brown (Germany) Shanda’s brother, Trent Tadlock, passed away of a heart attack in April.

  • Ashley McKenzie (MA Spain) Ashley’s grandmother passed away on April 1.

  • Eleanor Jorgenson (retired AGWM missionary) passed away on March 22. She and her husband, Melvin, served for over 40 years in Europe and Africa.

  • Pat & Brenda Mahar (Italy) Brenda’s father, David C. Vespa, passed away on March 13.

Spring WMB Approved Candidates

Final Clearances and Returns to the Field


Changes of Status & Transfers

  • Daniel & Paula Loucks (Netherlands) are no longer with AGWM as of April 30.

  • Rick & Gloria McCartney transferred from Malta to Wales on April 1.

  • Brent & Renea Liebe (Malta) resigned from AGWM on March 31.

  • Steven & Susan Kennedy transferred from Spain to Andorra on March 27.