A Note from Paul - JULY 2019


Summer is here with all its glory and life! We will be together once again in a few weeks at T19 in Orlando. We certainly look forward to this historic moment.

In my recent study I came across the following statement by Dr. Peter Kreeft—author, philosopher, and professor at Boston College—on Victor Frankl, author of the classic book, Man’s Search for Meaning, which should be required reading for all missionaries:

Frankl is a Viennese psychiatrist who survived Auschwitz but didn’t just survive it. He played Socrates at Auschwitz. He asked questions, for example, “What makes people survive?” And his answer is: Freud is wrong. It’s not pleasure. Adler is wrong. It’s not power. Even Jung is wrong. It’s not integration or understanding the archetypes or anything like that. It’s meaning. Those who found some meaning in their suffering survived, even though all the other indicators predicted that they wouldn’t. And those who didn’t—didn’t. He writes, “To live is to suffer. Therefore, if life has meaning, suffering has meaning, too.”

As I think of all of us missionaries in this journey of our calling, the reality of suffering should be modeled so others find deep meaning that leads them to the suffering Christ. I fear we stress healing over suffering, when suffering is much more powerful than healing. One day we’ll all be healed when we are with Jesus, but today we suffer, and the world needs a Savior who understands suffering and walks with us as we suffer. No other savior or god or philosophy does this but Jesus. There is great meaning in the suffering Christ, which means there is great meaning in our suffering.

Find His peace in the process!

Yours together,


Important Announcements


Remember to review the full Europe Regional Calendar for upcoming events and details!

Europe Diaspora Initiative Consultation

Save the date for March 10–14, 2020, when we will meet in Malaga, Spain for sessions, sharing, and interaction on:

  • Refugees and Immigrants

  • Discipleship

  • Church Planting

  • Trauma

  • Humanitarian Aid

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Ethics

  • Ministry Resources

Please note: This event is by invitation only. If you’re interested in attending, please contact your area director

Europe Together SurVEY

Congratulations to the 20 winners of the Europe Together survey drawing!


If your address, phone number, or additional contact info has changed, please inform Nancy Tallagsen at ntallagsen@ag.org from the Europe office. It’s important to have the most current way to reach you in case of emergency.


Birth Announcements

Samuel Lee was born on June 7 to Adam & Bethany Weatherly (Spain).

Barnabas Emmanuel was born on May 15 as grandson to Joe & Alice Templeton Lear (Serbia).


Marriages and Engagements

  • Hannah Parks, daughter of David & Chastidy Parks (England) will marry Cameron Short on July 22.

  • Emily Foster, daughter of Jerry & April Foster (Belgium) married Jay Bowdoin on June 23.

  • Dessa Bean, daughter of John & Daralena (Slovakia), married Kevin Godla on June 8.

  • Sam Elliott, son of Bryan & Misty Elliott (Wales), married Becca Lashway on June 3.

  • Anthony Vanaria (MA Italy) became engaged to Ashley Vanaria (MA Italy) on May 5.

 Sympathy Extended

Please continue to pray for these families who have lost a loved one.

  • Ben & Jessi Bock (Montenegro) Jessi’s mother, Kathy Watts, passed away on July 6.

  • Dan & Joy West (Portugal) Joy’s father, Eugene Nelson, passed away on July 6.

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s grandmother, Maxie Henkes, passed away on July 2.

  • Doug & Jackee Raught (Netherlands) Doug’s mother, Marion Marjorie Raught, passed away on July 2.

  • Ragna Gornold-Smith (retired Spain missionary) passed away on July 1.

  • Rick & Gloria McCartney (Wales) Gloria’s father, David Lehmann Sr., passed away on June 26.

  • Kennon & Amanda Briggs (Greece) Kennon’s grandfather, Robert Thomas Briggs, passed away on June 20.

  • Michael & Jean Russell (Romania) Jean’s brother, Dr. Robert Moon, passed away on June 6.

  • Jessica Evans (MA Belgium) Jessica’s grandfather, Philip Smith, passed away on May 25.

  • Arnie & Jenna Cazares (Spain) Arnie’s brother, Alejandro, passed away in a tragic accident on May 24.

MK High School Graduates 2019

  • David Bonin, son of Blaire & Dina Bonin (Belgium), graduated from home education. He plans to study worship arts at SAGU.

  • Rebecca Buck, daughter of Edward & Kirsten Buck (France), graduated from home school.

  • Weston Buckley, son of David & Karmi Buckley (Hungary), graduated from International Christian School. He plans to study international cultural studies at North Central University.

  • Ianna Enget, daughter of Brent & Lori Enget (Ireland), graduated from Ellendale High School. She plans to study intercultural studies and youth ministries at North Central University.

  • Raema Frey, daughter of Steven & Lisa Frey (Kosovo), graduated from Prishtina High School. She plans to return to the U.S. to explore options for the future.

  • Ruth Gaylen, daughter of Shawn & Deborah Gaylen (Spain), graduated from University of Nebraska High School. She plans to major in engineering at Messiah College.

  • Emma Good, daughter of Mark & Dalene Good (France), graduated from Lycée Pierre Corneille High School. She plans to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

  • Danielle Jones, daughter of Keith & Christi Jones (Spain), graduated from Gateway Christian School. She plans to attend Continental Theological Seminary.

  • Jana McCullough, daughter of Ryan & Angela McCullough (Wales), graduated from New Road Academy. She plans to attend Northwest University.

  • Lydianna Nelsen, daughter of Brian & Heather Nelsen (Germany), graduated from Florida Virtual School. She plans to attend Southeastern University in Florida.

  • Haley Newman, daughter of Brandon & Melissa Newman (Scotland), graduated from Knightswood Academy, home school, and SAGU dual credit courses. She plans to attend Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

MK Post-High School Graduates 2019

  • Ben Brelo, son of Sam & Naomi Brelo (Belgium), graduated from Continental Theological Seminary with his master’s degree in theology.

  • Tim Cannon, son of Mark & Ellen Cannon (Spain), graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in geographical sciences; environmental conservation, and sustainability.

  • Saorsa Enget, daughter of Brent & Lori Enget (Ireland), graduated from North Central University with a B.S. in intercultural studies and minors in English creative writing and church ministries.

  • Matthew Entsminger, son of Steve & Tece Entsminger (Spain), graduated from Northwest University with a master of arts in international community development.

  • Emily Foster, daughter of Jerry & April Foster (Belgium), graduated from Troy University with a B.S. in English.

  • Stephen Gracza, son of Paul & Jocelyn Gracza (Hungary), graduated from United States Military Academy.

  • Carolina Landolfi, daughter of Federico & Patricia Segarra (Spain), graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE).

  • Alexandria McKinstry, daughter of Mark & Heather McKinstry (Spain), graduated from Concordia University with a B.S. in environmental studies.

  • Hannah Parks, daughter of David & Chastidy Parks (England), graduated from Evangel University with a B.S. in psychology.

  • Tiffanie Shorrocks, daughter of Earl & Tammie Shorrocks (Poland), graduated with a B.A. in worship ministries from Southeastern University.

  • Kaity Urena, daughter-in-law of Cheryl Urena (Romania), graduated with a master’s in speech pathology from Calvin College.

  • Katarina Walent-Kern, daughter of Steven & Christina Walent (Germany), graduated from University of Akron with a M.A. in marriage and family counseling/therapy.

  • Christa Wiersma, daughter of Scott & Suzanna Wiersma (Albania), graduated from Calvin College.

New Missionary Associates of June 2019

Final Clearances and Returns to the Field


Changes of Status and Transfers

  • Makenzie Muehler (MA) transferred from Belgium to Northern Ireland on July 25.

  • Zachariah & Carrie Brinegar transferred from Northern Asia to Europe (Austria) on July 1.

  • Max & Lauren Brockmeyer transferred from Northwest Europe to Southern Europe on June 27.

  • Bret Leininger (MA) transferred from Spain to Romania on June 1.

  • Gary & Michelle Gallina (Albania) resigned from AGWM on May 31.