The dominant, powerful, secular majority


a global phenomenon

Secularism is an increasingly global phenomenon, though Europe is its birthplace and core. This society with so few people claiming to know Christ is a spiritual wasteland. Most Europeans do not personally know Jesus and have never met even one person who does. This is especially the case across Southern and Eastern Europe, in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the former Communist countries.


Historical Challenges

Some European governments have been closely involved with Christian expression, leading to spiritual scars in some cases and apathy in others. Even today, most countries in Western Europe have some "state church" that receives funding directly from the government, creating strong links to ethnic, cultural, and national identities. Obviously, as these identities have become more fluid and people reject divisions that led to war in the past, Christianity is often seen as an unwelcome relic of history.


characteristics of the secularist worldview


Building Bridges

Reaching secular people with the gospel poses many challenges, but we are confident the gospel is effective in every cultural context and offers natural bridges to secular people groups. Jesus taught us by example that contextualizing the gospel is key to connecting the message to everyday life. 

We continue to preach the gospel and develop new models for establishing communities of faith to reach the secular European. God is looking for men and women to take up the challenge to reach Europe for Christ at this pivotal moment.