A Note from Angie - September 2019

Genesis 29:16-25 recounts the story of Jacob, who served Laban for seven years to earn Rachel as his wife. In the end, Laban deceived Jacob, breaking his promise and giving him Leah instead. Jacob’s desire for his true love was shattered by deceit. This account is a stark reminder of how deception can wound souls, causing bitterness and cynicism to rule hearts and minds.


Jacob’s disillusionment bears a strong resemblance to the present mindset of most Europeans. In centuries past they were “promised” the good news, but instead they received a convoluted and false gospel. Their thoughts toward God and religion became so tainted that now, centuries later, they see no need for Him. Instead of yielding to the God of mercy, love, and grace, they serve only themselves.

Would you pray with us for Europe? Pray that hearts and minds would be healed form cynicism and once again be open to the true gospel message. Pray for the church across Europe to seek together the Holy Spirit’s strategy for communicating God’s call to repentance and new life in Him. Pray the Lord will continue to call workers to Europe, especially to areas where there is little to no Christian witness.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer. May His kingdom come to Europe.

Praying together,

- Paul & Angie Trementozzi


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Prayer Focus

  • Holy Spirit led initiatives to begin among student populations.

  • Students across Europe to come to know Christ.

  • Our seminaries across Europe to empower students to reach Europeans with the gospel.

Urgent Needs

Steve Cuttino (Czech Republic) Steve needs continued prayer as he heals from surgery after severing a portion of his toe.

Raegan Glugosh (Romania) Continued prayer is needed regarding the refugee situation in Europe. In Italy, several ships filled with refugees have entered ports and hundreds of lives hang in the balance. Authorities have declared a state of emergency. Pray for a solution that comes from Jesus’ heart as these people seek life after escaping the horrors of Libya.

Please keep Tamara Henkes (Romania) in your thoughts and prayers. Her stepfather, Jim, has recently passed away. Also, Tamara is facing some very critical family crises.

Barry & Ann White (Ireland) Barry’s cousin, Norman, has had another miraculous breakthrough and is now talking! 3 weeks ago, he suffered a major stroke and was given no hope. Pray for a miraculous healing that would bring glory to God!

Prayer Requests

Northwest Europe

  • Barry & Ann White (Ireland) Ann’s sister is going through chemo. Pray for her to be free of cancer and protected from the difficult side-effects of chemo and radiation.

  • Kent & Leslie Linneweh (Netherlands) They launched a new church on September 8. Please pray for people to be receptive, for more English-speaking internationals to hear about this new work, and for the Lord to bring more people!

  • Joel & Gail VanBriggle (Belgium) Pray as they begin the early stages of developing a church planting team to launch an international church in Tervuren, Belgium.

  • Bill & Ky Prevette (Europe) Bill will be working as a Missionary in Residence with Vanguard Southern California. Pray they will quickly adjust to California culture and impact the lives of students.

  • Robert & Raquel Suarez (Belgium) Pray for a healthy third trimester and healthy delivery for their second child. The baby is due November 22.

  • Brandon & Melissa Newman (Scotland)

    • Pray for salvations through their church plant and sports chaplaincy efforts.

    • Pray for favor in obtaining permanent Scottish residency next summer.


  • Todd Crant (Malta) Pray for Todd as he leads Teen Challenge in Malta.

  • Josh & Beka Jones (Italy) Pray for their son, Tucker, as he starts at a new school and for him to make significant progress in potty-training, speech, and occupational therapy.

  • J.J. & Nelia Ferrell (Romania) Thank you for praying for the youth ministry conference on September 13-14. Over 200 youth leaders from 17 countries came together! It was an incredible response and commitment to reaching the youth of Europe.

Central Europe

  • Bob & Erin Stetz (Switzerland) Please pray for Erin as she recovers from a recent thyroid operation.

  • Paul & Lori Traver (Germany) Lori had her tonsils removed and is still recovering.

Southeast Europe

  • Dave & Karmi Buckley (Hungary) Riverside Church Budapest needs a new building due to continued growth. Pray for a good location that meets the needs of attending families.

  • Kurt & Stephanie Plagenhoef (Albania)

    • Pray for our fall teams from King’s Castle, Global Health Outreach, and the United States to make an impact on the unreached of Albania and the Balkans.

    • Pray God would call a great group of students to the Bible school starting in September, as we launch a new, full-time third year program for church planting and missions.

    • Pray for Albanian Fire-Bible launch on October 4 in Tirana to be anointed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

    • Pray God would call more workers and give wisdom and direction to train church planting teams in the Balkans, where over 99 percent of the people have no witness.

  • Joe & Alice Lear (Serbia) Pray God will open many hearts to the gospel and bring people to repentance in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Steven & Lisa Frey (Kosovo) Pray for their children Jonathan (9th grade), Naomi (8th grade), and Selah (3rd grade) as they begin at new schools in the United States during their itineration year.

Praise Reports

  • Jerry & April Foster (Belgium) Their granddaughter, Kai, has gained enough weight for her to go home! Let’s continue to pray for her health.

  • Dan & Danita Taylor (Portugal) Their daughter, Grace, came through all the complications from her biopsy and has been released from the hospital in good health!


  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s stepfather passed away September 14.

  • Steve & Dawn Robertson (Canary Islands) Steve’s mother, Sara Jean Robertson, passed away August 27.

  • David & Phyllis Porter (Nordic Initiative) Phyllis’ sister, Velda Gates, passed away August 16.

  • Joe & Mary Benecasa (Italy) Mary’s father, James Quinn, passed away August 4.

  • Alvaro & Doris Rodriguez (Spain) Alvaro’s father, Alvaro Rodriguez Sr., passed away August 4.

  • Ben & Jessi Bock (Montenegro) Jessi’s mother, Kathy Watts, passed away July 6.

  • Dan & Joy West (Portugal) Joy’s father, Eugene Nelsen, passed away July 6.

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s grandmother, Maxie Henkes, passed away July 2.

  • Doug & Jackee Raught (Netherlands) Doug’s mother, Marion Marjorie Raught, passed away July 2.

  • Ragna Gornold-Smith (retired Spain missionary) passed away July 1.