It is God’s desire that each person be given the opportunity to hear the good news of salvation, so it might “take hold” and transform lives. There is, however, a great challenge in accomplishing this mandate across the continent of Europe. Throughout the centuries Europeans have been presented a false gospel and not the good news of salvation John speaks of in 1 John 2:24: 


“Let the good news, the story you have heard from the beginning of your journey, live in and take hold of you” (1 John 2:24, VOICE)

The false gospel that has been preached has been tied to politics and Christendom - not Christianity.

For this reason, Europeans have grown cold, skeptical, and distant from God, no longer seeing His importance in their lives. They have drifted from God-centeredness to the theology of Secularism, living with self as their center. Life is lived only for self-fulfillment, seeking to enjoy all that humanly possible during their earthly existence. This worldview, combined with the false gospel that has been long presented, makes it extremely difficult for Europeans to accept the true gospel.

One of our mandates in Europe is to engage the secularist, and we continue to preach the gospel and develop new models for establishing communities of faith to reach the secular European. We are confident the gospel is effective in every cultural context and offers natural bridges to secular people groups.

Our colleagues across Europe need prayer for the strategy of the Holy Spirit to reach those who never enter church buildings nor care to engage in dialogue regarding God as they see no need for Him. 

- Paul & Angie Trementozzi


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Prayer Focus

  • Pray that hearts across Europe would be open to the gospel.

  • It is vitally important for our colleagues to be able to understand the needs of secular people groups around them, as they work to contextualize the message and share the gospel.

  • Pray for the strategy of the Holy Spirit and open doors to reach secular Europe with the gospel of Christ. 

Urgent Needs

Henry & Janet Marsh (IMM) Henry is recovering from surgery, due to kidneys not functioning properly. He will be on outpatient basis for testing and consultation for several weeks. Also, Janet’s father is in the hospital, but has improved after a couple near-death crisis. 

Jerry & April Foster (Belgium) Jerry’s health continues to improve, but still needs continued prayer for total healing.

Terry & Ruthanne Hoggard Pray for Ruthanne’s father as he heals from hip surgery.

Prayer Requests

Northwest Europe

  • Rick & Gloria McCartney (Wales) Ron’s brother, a former AGWM missionary to Africa, is waiting for a kidney transplant. Please pray they find a matching blood type/donor.

  • Jeannette Cathey (MA France) Her dad’s health continues to decline as a result from a brain tumor removed in 2007. Pray for family in direction, peace, and renewal.

Central Europe

Southeast Europe

  • Raegan Glugosh (Romania) A new mother came to Hagar Home who is only 16-years-old. Please pray for her integration into the home and God to bring healing and restoration to her life!

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Please pray for her niece who is battling with addiction.


  • Kerry & Denise Godwin & IMM (Spain) are in need of prayers against severe spiritual attack that they are their team are experiencing.

  • Joe & Mary Benecasa (Italy) Mary’s dad needs further healing before being released the rehab center since November. Pray for Mary’s mom as she makes necessary arrangements to care for him at home.


  • Ben & Jessi Bock (Montenegro) Jessi’s mother, Kathy Watts, passed away on July 6.

  • Dan & Joy West (Portugal) Joy’s father, Eugene Nelsen, passed away on July 6.

  • Tamara Henkes (Romania) Tamara’s grandmother, Maxie Henkes, passed away on July 2.

  • Doug & Jackee Raught (Netherlands) Doug’s mother, Marion Marjorie Raught, passed away on July 2.

  • Ragna Gornold-Smith (retired Spain missionary) passed away on July 1.

  • Rick & Gloria McCartney (Wales) Gloria’s father, David Lehmann Sr., passed away on June 26.

  • Kennon & Amanda Briggs (Greece) Kennon’s grandfather, Robert Thomas Briggs, passed away on June 20.