Reaching out in compassion in Jesus' name


the worst humanitarian crisis of our time

The Syrian refugee crisis is being referred to as the worst humanitarian crisis of our time. Since 2011, the Syrian civil war has forced people from their homes in search of safety and stability. Even after the sharp increase of refugees from the Middle East in 2015 subsided, migrants from sub-Saharan Africa continue to arrive in Europe through a southern Mediterranean route to Italy. 


The Perfect Storm for Human Trafficking

This refugee crisis has created a perfect storm for human trafficking. Vulnerable women, men, and children have been kidnapped, abused and sold. Because God cares for broken, vulnerable people, our missionaries are reaching out in compassion in Jesus' name, adding practical, loving help to our words of truth.


Serving the historically marginalized

The Roma, Europe's largest ethnic minority group, suffer from societal exclusion and poverty. One in three Roma are unemployed, and 90% live below the poverty line. Hunger, a lack of indoor plumbing and electricity, and little access to health care or education has given us many opportunities for ministry. 

Serving these communities–refugees, immigrants, victims of human trafficking, the poor–is part of an authentic, whole-person witness that has already begun to turn hearts to the Lord. We rejoice as tens of thousands of refugees of different faiths have come to faith in Christ, professed their faith publicly, and been baptized.