Finding Christ at 'Soul Survivor'

The youth group of Life Church Bristol, England, led by AGWM Personnel, John Franklin are being brought closer to God. Franklin and three other leaders took 11 students to an annual summer gathering in England called Soul Survivor. These students couldn’t have been more excited. Three of these 11 students are new to Life Church Bristol and started coming to the regular youth meetings at the end of March. Each of these three students came with their own struggles and difficulties; two being foster daughters and one never had stepped inside a church before in his life.

The first night of Soul Survivor, these three students gave their lives to God. Throughout the rest of the week, the 11 students were inseparable, especially when it came time during the service to pray for one another. Some of them, not knowing exactly what to do, would be the first to lay their hands on their friends and offer prayer. This would soon be followed by the rest of the students praying for one another. For everyone at Soul Survivor it was a time of building relationships, learning about Gods love, and celebrating what God has done and will do in each of our lives.

Franklin also states, “I saw so much spiritual growth in each and every one of their lives. The Sunday following Soul Survivor, the students gave their testimonies at our youth meeting. They cried and cried and laughed and danced and cried some more. Since this camp, the students are very excited about their new faith in Christ and eager to learn more. Looking ahead, we will be incorporating more discipleship opportunities to help the students really build upon their faith. We will be going through series called Alpha, which helps the students discover answers to some of the more difficult questions of our faith.”