Could You Teach Me to Pray?

This blog post is a testimony provided to us by one of our workers in Sicily, Italy. Casa di Rifugio is a ministry that has responded to the many and evolving ministry opportunities to refugees who have entered into the region, ministering to both humanitarian and spiritual needs.

A Gambian who has been coming to Casa di Rifugio for nearly two years has grown greatly in his faith. He decided to forget the prejudice that so often exists between Asians and Africans and he approached a Nepali man at camp to invite him to Bible study. Suk, our Nepalese friend, was the only person from Nepal in camp so he was happy someone spoke to him. His spoke a bit of English, a bit of Italian, and a bit of Hindi—we have an MA who speaks Hindi—and between us we managed to communicate. We gave him the Jesus Film, the scriptures, and music in Nepalese.

After a couple of weeks of attending he asked, “Who is Jesus and where is heaven?” He understood that and the week following asked our son, “When did Jesus become God?”. The following week he asked, “How can one man pay for the sins of the whole world?”. The week after that he said, “Could you teach me to pray?”. The week after that he sent me an SMS and said, “I believe in the Lord”.

It is wonderful to see what the Lord has done. Yesterday Kris shared with a young Muslim woman who asked about prayer and fasting in Christian faith. This weekend five refugees will be attending an awards ceremony for completion of a discipleship course.

Praise the Lord for how He is working among refugees in Europe!