A Glimpse of God's Glory

On a cold winter night in Madrid, Spain, a small group of Christians sought a spot protected from the bitter, blowing wind from which they could preach the gospel, as they do each night in the Puerta del Sol, a popular destination in the center of the city. However, this night people had fled from the cold and the plaza was unusually empty. As Maritza began to sing her testimony song, people seemed to appear from nowhere and gather around, listening intently. Even as a fire truck drove directly behind the group, sirens blaring, no one moved. It was as if they were fixed to the ground. Maritza shared her testimony through tears of urgency. The soul winners fanned out to share the gospel with each person in the crowd. And then, just as they had come, the crowd dispersed and disappeared. The Puerta del Sol was empty again. As missionaries Kevin and Karen Prevost commented, this was “a glimpse of God’s glory on the street.” And it’s exactly what they’re praying for more of every night.

The Prevosts moved to Madrid in 2006 to work with Ontheredbox evangelism ministry. It has given them the opportunity to use their gifts in teaching and mentoring as they regularly train pastors and believers through workshops and personal mentoring. The training they provide has been instrumental in strengthening ties with pastors and the local church. “Our desire is to equip believers from a wide variety of churches and denominations with tools to share their faith in many situations,” shared Karen. “We teach them to give their salvation testimony in two minutes, how to use objects and stories to illustrate the gospel message, and how to guide a conversation of personal evangelism.”

Throughout the years, thousands of believers have sought out evangelism training from Ontheredbox, and currently there are more than 60 teams in Spain, throughout Europe, and even in Latin America. These teams preach the gospel on a red box, literally, in the public square. Ontheredbox has a strong social media presence, so the team has developed an online evangelism school that currently has 2000 students. God has used the local and online training programs to help believers become more effective in sharing the gospel in many countries.

Kevin and Karen believe strongly that their job is not only to train, but also to share Jesus regularly on the streets, like during that cold night in the Puerta del Sol. Over the years many people have come to Jesus, many have heard the gospel, and many have received gospel tracts and prayer. “We don’t always see the results of sowing gospel seed six nights a week, but once in a while God will give us a glimpse of His glory.” That glory is revealed in a redeemed and transformed life.