50th Anniversary and Graduation in Spain


The Spain Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (Facultad de Teología) celebrated 50 years of forming Christian workers. Steve Entsminger, AGWM personnel who is on the faculty there further relates that since its formation in 1968, the seminary moved to several locations, until 1996 when it purchased property in La Carlota in the province of Andalucía, Spain.

The interesting thing is that La Carlota was a project city of King Charles III who wanted to have a society of settlers from throughout central Europe in 1767. It “just so happened” that a big majority of these settlers were protestants. Today, 250 years after the birth of this town, the seminary continues the witness of those first settlers who came to bless this land, holding firm the objective to prepare faithful Christian workers to be a blessing for the whole country.


The day following the 50th Anniversary commemoration, the graduation of the present class was celebrated. For the first time ever, a member of the Spanish Parliament attended and gave his congratulations.

All in all, it was a tremendous weekend, celebrating what God has done in the past 50 years through the seminary and looking ahead to what he will accomplish through this year’s graduates which have been prepared as workers for the harvest.