Who is hungry for God in Spain?

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University students in Spain, and elsewhere in Europe, are hungry for God. Take the case of Carmen in Granada, Spain. During her first year at university and, though a declared atheist, she quickly became a regular of the ministry outreach of AGWM personnel, Shawn and Deb. She went to their Christian retreats and visited their church, as well. She heard the gospel again and again. This fall, Carmen moved to Switzerland as part of a study-abroad program, and she asked if such a ministry existed there. It doesn’t! But she was told about a partner ministry in Grenoble, France, not too far away from the Swiss border.

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Carmen, the former atheist, spent her money and traveled to France to go on a weekend Christian retreat with Students for Christ, despite never having met any of them. She had a wonderful time and reported that she was filled up spiritually and has grown closer to God. 

Who is so hungry for more of Jesus that they would travel alone to another country to attend a weekend retreat with strangers? Spanish former-atheist students.