Food and Relationship in Denmark

“Friday night dinners are one of the highlights of ministry here.” So say Matt and Natalie Herschberg, AGWM Missionary Associates in Denmark. “It's been great over the summer when we all have more free time. Several students came a couple hours early to hang out and help cook. Matt is always coming up with a new cuisine to share.

“The casual environment of a meal is such a powerful time for relationships to grow and conversation to include everything from fasting to our favorite animals. One evening Matt spoke about family...what it is, what it looks like, and how it feels to be part of a family. God really made a way for vulnerability as we shared what we could do as a community to make each person feel like they are in a family here.


“So many monumental moments in the Bible have taken place over a meal from the garden, to the Last Supper and the final feast. There is so much power in this setting; it's an honor to provide that opportunity and share it with our students. 

“Matt’s more recent passion for cooking has been a great way for him to spend time with guys.  Ramen, hard candy, chocolate, bread, pasta, pizza have all been made from scratch!  Quality time and conversations have grown in our kitchen.  Food opens doors of relationship – for people, and to God!”