Children Meet the Savior in France

This past spring, AGWM personnel in France, Ed Buck, had the privilege of ministering to children living in the worst neighborhood of Marseille, France. Working with a local missionary and a group from YWAM, a VBS was held for about 50 children.


Many of these children live in abandoned buildings with their families, and don’t attend school. They came to the first day of VBS with hopelessness in their eyes, but their eyes and smiles got brighter as, day by day, they discovered that God loves them, and that Jesus gives new life. They got louder, too!

The Bucks expressed how they were so delighted with two little girls who knew the answers to more questions and understood the stories better than the others – because their mother has turned to the Messiah, and she is now teaching her daughters! This is the power of the gospel, planting seeds that bear fruit that in turn, plant seeds!


This was the third time for the Bucks to minister in Marseille and it was encouraging to see some children who were saved last time continuing as disciples and growing in their faith. This year over 20 children made a decision to make Jesus their Lord. These children who come from difficult, unstable family situations need prayer so that they will continue their walk with Christ during weekly Bible club meetings.