Art and Evangelism in Spain

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God did some amazing things in Madrid on a recent Sunday using the artistic talents he placed in the lives of believers. Around 100 of them were involved in organizing and participating in an evangelistic event right in the heart of Madrid’s theater district in a rented theater. AGWM personnel, Scott Smith was the principal initiator of this effort using arts as a draw.

Excellent artists from all over Spain came at their own expense to display their works. This was the main and initial part of the event. The second part was the concert which 40 students from North Central University of Minnesota presented.

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Then AGWM missionary, Jacob Bock, head of On The Red Box ministries preached a salvation message with Scott Smith translating. When Bock gave the call for salvation, an estimated 30 came forward according to what David and Dana Santiago, AGWM pastors of the International Church of Madrid estimated. Among this group were little children as well as some more elderly. Each was prayed with individually by the believers who were part of the organizing process.

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The objective of this effort was fruit that remains. This has become evident as 42 new persons attended the Sunday morning service at the International Church of Madrid. Several went forward for salvation and are now desiring to be baptized in water.