Reaching the Needy in Romania


Since September 2017, AGWM personnel, Justin and Sarah White began a new church plant in Costanta, Romania. In Justin’s own words, “It is not a traditional ‘Sunday AM 10-12’ type church. It is more of a family that is involved in each others’ lives as we grow in Christ together! We call ourselves UNITED and we meet every Sunday evening from 5-8 PM. A huge part of our mission is to love our community holistically, meaning we want to show Christ’s love by attending to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of our community. We have been meeting at our own ‘CAFÉ’ always with the plan of finding a permanent space, another dream that seemed distant. But our God is a God of miracles!


“We started looking at spaces a few weeks ago, but it seemed it would be impossible to find a place that was the size we needed, at the price we budgeted, in the location we wanted. But once again, God ‘blew us away’! Just on a whim, I called about a location that was being rented as a tire shop and the real-estate agent told us it had not heat but she had another spot we might be interested in seeing. Amazing! It was in the exact location I had looked at years ago and had wanted for the Dream Center; a perfect place to plant a church, in the center of town, a place where the need is greatest!

“Across the street from our new location for the Dream Center and United, lives a 17-year-old boy climbing in and out of a hole of an abandoned building. All up and down our street are families living in abandoned homes without electricity and water! What a perfect place for a church! And God anwered what we thought was impossible…the right location, at the right price, and the perfect size! Also this week, we have talked with two sets of people…one who wants to start working with the elderly, and another couple who want to start working with the homeless. We are believing God is sending us the team we need to continue to impact Constanta!”