Sharing Christmas Love in France


The Christmas season is an ideal time to share the love of Jesus to those around us. For Mark and Dalene Good, AGWM personnel in France, it meant baking cakes and cookies to give baskets of Christmas goodies to three houses in their cul-de-sac, and inviting their neighbors for a meal.

The Goods relate that, “We also decorated piles of Christmas cookies with university students in our Remix small groups, and delivered them to a somewhat surprised local police station, fire station, and campus administration office. Even though this is something we’ve done for four Christmases now - it still seems to surprise them. We even had one of the firemen show up at our English conversation class as a result!


“Our community banded together to collect money/gifts, joyfully giving out bags of holiday treats, warm winter gloves and nail polish to ladies on the streets of our city who have been prostituted, sharing the message that God loves to give, and they are not forgotten. We celebrated the birth of Emmanuel at a Christmas Eve communion service, and invited those who would otherwise celebrate alone to have lunch with us on Christmas Day. And, we closed out the year learning more about each other through joyful activities, worship and committing our hopes and commitments for 2018 to God at our New Year’s Eve celebration.”