Showing Love at Christmas in Germany


It was 8 PM. Our kind neighbor from across the street rang the doorbell to bring us some homemade strawberry syrup. Obviously, a good relationship is established. Well, that syrup just gave us the ‘momentum’ to give her the Women’s Bible and share the hope of Jesus with her (John 3:16). God touched her heart right then and there. The tears were streaming down her cheeks as many painful memories of the past and the ever-present feeling of insignificance overwhelmingly caught her once again - it was God’s timing to begin the process of removing some residue that had stagnated in her heart for years. We held hands and prayed. We know, the victory is His as we continue sharing the message of Love & Hope of Jesus! And how more fitting than at Christmastime! Upon leaving Rosi got a big hug with an affirmation - God cares!


Thirty minutes later the phone rang. It was our other neighbors inviting us over for Advent coffee and cake. Sitting at the beautifully decorated table, again we were able to share about our faith in Jesus as they began to ask questions. Just the other day we had a deep conversation about our faith with another neighbor, giving her literature to continue her quest. As we let our light shine, people are drawn to the TRUTH, the Hope & Love of JESUS!

- Richard and Minna Boettiger

AGWM - Germany