We are a church planting movement.


the challenge

Europe is no stranger to the Church. But cultural affinity to a religion is very different than being a follower of Christ. There are many church buildings and established congregations throughout Europe, but many churches have not changed as their communities and demographics have shifted. For this reason, the once-influential Church has lost its relevance in most places.


Revitalizing the Church

In some places, revitalizing an existing congregation is the best option. We revitalize in places that desire to be revitalized. There are many places throughout Europe that want fresh vision, but lack the personnel to make it happen. Our relationships with national churches have given us a front-row seat to some of the incredible church growth that is happening in Europe.


The Role of International Churches

The Fellowship of European International Churches (FEIC) is the only Pentecostal network of international churches in Europe. It exists to relationally connect congregations that minister to the unique opportunities, needs and challenges of international communities in European cities. These churches provide a place where people can feel accepted and valued for who they are as a person and not judged by their passport or the circumstances that brought them. 


The vision

Church planting and revitalization are the key to our ministry in Europe. Ultimately, our goal has been to inspire revitalization so that churches will become healthy, including a missional strategy to reach the marginalized and secular European, and to plant healthy, church planting churches.